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Post Got any story's to share?

I have a story that I'm working on i haven' finished but it's taken me 2 whole days to write this bit:

A Summer Mystery

Sunhigh, and it’s HOT! But still kidz play and they NEVER take a break. Me? I just relax indoors. Relaxing is the life, with the AC comfortably blowing on me and my mind dreaming away…
But suddenly I was startled by a loud CRASH!!!! A rock came flying through the window, rolled swiftly along the floor and eventually fell still, like a … well, like a rock (!).
A piece of crumpled pink paper was taped to it. I carefully picked the tape off and read the paper. It was an application form; ‘identity forum’ it read. What the…? Who threw this through my window? I read on, grabbing a pen from the
table next to me. ‘Name:’ I wrote my name, “Jenny…Tisdale”. ‘Age:’ “12 … and a half”.
I scanned the rest of the page. At the bottom of it were scribbled the words ‘Return to Nick Carr’. I paused … sipped my drink and put the paper down. “I’m not going to carry on until I find out who this…’Nick Carr’ is!” I proudly said to myself.
I rummaged around the study to find a phone book. Yes, I found one! I looked down the list of ‘Carr’. There! I pinned my finger to a name reading ‘N. Carr’. I hastily dialed the number and waited. Strangely a women’s voice answered. I panicked. “Um…is Nick Carr there?” I asked the women.
“Na, sorry. ‘E’s at work” she replied harshly. And before I could ask she said, “and ‘e ain’t got no mobile nefver. ‘His work place fough is number 42 Downin’ Street ”.
“Well, thank you. B, bye,” and with that, I hung up.
Perfect! I now knew were Nick Carr worked. Stuffing the paper in my bag, I pulled my bike out of the garage and rode off to number 42 Downing Street (I also left a message form my mum regarding “Gone out. Probably will be late for dinner.”).

As I was riding along – even though it was a bit bumpy – I was thinking about who he was, like as a person. Is he scary? Is he suspicious? Is he happy and lively? What is he like? These questions puzzled me my !
I finally reached my destination. It looked so run down! It had rocks piled up outside the front door and shattered windows too.
“How can someone work here? It looks like no-one’s been anywhere near this place for years! This ‘Nick Carr’ must be like a trampy slave!” I told no-one in particular.
“What are you talking about?” a weird voice spoke behind me. “Excuse me but I work, yes, WORK here!”
I opened my eyes and slowly turned around. “Er…” I swallowed hard. “Um…Nick Carr?”
“No, Robert Popping; here’s my card,” and as if by magic, he flicked out a card from his fingers and handed it to me.
“Oh, well, you wouldn’t happen to know Nick Carr, would you?” I asked.
“As a matter of fact, I do. He was actually heading towards Upperton not long ago, said he had to see a man about an…’identity forum’,” Robert replied.
“Oh my gosh, thank you!” I squealed. “That is all the information I need to know! Thanks again!” I took off on my bike and peddled frantically to Upperton.
As you can imagine, Upperton is uphill, plus it's the midst of summer, so I got tired in a hurry. I stopped at a park bench and sat down puffing and panting. I took Robert’s card out of my pocket and looked at it.

Robert Popping

Carpeting Factories
Bp: 835729
Mp: 07797 723851
42 Downing Street

I turned it over and was shocked to see…

Nick Carr

No. 21 Bath Road

( ___________ )
Perfect! More information! I was getting this much closer! But one question slipped my mind: what next?

Like it? I wrote it all myself!

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