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sharkrfish 12-05-2010 06:52 PM

A few ideas for my shelter
Hello. I have been volunteering at my local humane society to help with my aspergers (talking disorder) and I've been advancing so very greatly. At the beginning of this year, I would have panic attacks at the very thought of talking or communicating with anyone, and since I have been volunteering at the humane society via a school program, all that have changed for the better. I have made many mistakes but now I clean 20 cat cages everyday and I try my best to assist in cleaning dog cages and keeping the facility clean.

This is not a dream job, but I do feel like working here has helped me - working in an animal related job. I have recently thinking about other ways I can help the humane society. I have tons of free time at home, other than writing and reading all the time, I am usually on the computer. I go out every now and then outside, I am not really an outside type of person unless I am working, but I do like to play basketball and participate in any groups that help animals.

My first idea was to ask if I can make a Facebook fan page. I want to take pictures of the animals and post them on Petfinder along with putting the pictures on the Facebook fan page. The Facebook fan page would also be for other things (e.g., writing certain things like events coming up that they have planed). We have a really small place that we live in and not many people seem excited or eager to help, so I want to try and do that best I can on my part. Do you all think that asking to do the Facebook fan page and Petfinder would be a good idea - I know they had a Myspace but had no-one to maintain it. Since I am writing on the computer all the time, this would be perfect for me - I could write a blurb for each individual animal.

The reason I ask this also is that my community and social worker is trying to get me more active in the environment. I really want to help animals is the main reason, other than trying to be more socialized. I also am doing a book report over Homer's odyssey, in which I will talk about blind cats and how they can live normal lives, and this would be hard to socialize in an entire class full, so this is perfect practice in socializing.

I've thought about asking if I can help to train volunteers since I have been doing a great job of that when other management isn't around, of course, I haven't let them know that - but nonetheless, I think I am good at teaching it. I have also thought about helping new customers when they come in since I seem one of the most knowledgeable in our particular humane society about animals in general, not to sound overly arrogant or anything, but I just want to see customers get their questions answered - most management seem stumped at certain questions.

Well, just some things I wanted to discuss and I want to know the opinions on Petfinder and Facebook idea. If you any other ideas to help animals around my area that would get me invovled, let me know. I must admit that although I am becoming more socialized, the idea of giving my ideas to the staff or other people is extremely daunting but something I must face.

AK49BWL 12-05-2010 10:50 PM

See, I told you you'd fit right in, didn't I :D

The Facebook and PetFinder ideas are fantastic.. In fact, our shelter has a Facebook page managed by the volunteers where videos and pictures of the cats and dogs, as well as shelter updates, are posted daily. I take pictures for the shelter's website and someone else handles the PetFinder pictures. It's a fantastic way to get shelter stuff out there, and with Facebook becoming part of EVERYTHING these days, surely many will notice it. So I would definitely look into doing that.

You seem like you've got a lot figured already, and doing well :-) keep it up!

sharkrfish 12-06-2010 08:49 PM

I have finally asked if I could setup a Facebook page and I have set it up and it looks great. The problem is, that I hope I get people to join it because I am going to start taking pictures of the cats next week. This town is relatively small so I hope I get enough people to make it worthwhile, I've tried inviting friends off my own profile to see if any would join (they are mostly animal lovers) and posting an update of it.

I know our place has its own forums, so I might put something there too, and the in the school. I am allowed to put basically any poster in the school, I know the principal very well and I helped out last year with fundraisers. So far, those are my best ideas. How do you allure people to your Facebook/shelter page, if you maintain one or help with one?

Either way, it was a milestone in talking to even ask the question, even if it doesn't go well, I know that I have been doing a great job with training people and I have countlessly been doing well and being told I have been doing an awesome job. I just don't want to let him down a week later that I have asked of course, that was the problem with the Myspace fan page, the person quit. But I will find a way to do it. Any ideas, thoughts and other comments are welcome.

catlover83 12-06-2010 11:24 PM

What's the url of the Facebook page? I'm gonna LIKE it and share it to my friends. FB page is a good social network to to share opinions with fellow cat lovers.

sharkrfish 12-07-2010 12:12 AM

I cannot currently post links. My post count is not high enough. If you search
"Northeast Missouri Humane Society" on Facebook, you will most likely find the page.

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