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Hawki 04-19-2011 07:56 PM

Free, Fresh, Pineapple
The local supermarket, Rediners Market had some special if you bought 2 of something (I forget what it was) you got a Free, Fresh, Pineapple. We got the two things, among other various grocery items and arrived home with 8 bags of groceries AND a Free, Fresh Pineapple.
I have carved, cleaned and cooked many things in my almost 55 years on this earth but I've never peeled or pared a Fresh Pineapple before today.
Thanks to the internet...I perused various sites that gave detailed instructions on the proper way to peel a pineapple.
It didn't look to difficult....I cut off the crown (the SHARP,:mad: {Ouch, bleeding} pointy, leaves section) and after applying a Band-Aid continued to cut off the base area to end up with a cylinder shaped pineapple fruit.

Note: pineapple juice burns like hell when it comes in contact with an open wound covered with a Band-Aid.:o

I closely followed the instructions and proceeded to cut the rind/skin away from the pineapple with the sharp knife; when I was done the whole Cylinder Shaped, Fresh, Pineapple now resembled an octagon shaped cylinder that was considerably smaller than the original pineapple. I placed the pineapple octagon on its side and sliced it into 1/4" thick slices. (sort of 1/4 inch)
I then had to cut out/remove the hard, bitter tasting core from the 1/4 inch slices. [It is hard and tastes like rancid sour patch candy.] After coring the sliced pineapple pieces I placed the edible portions in a plastic container and filled a plastic Wal-Mart bag with the inedible portions of the aforementioned exotic fruit.
At the conclusion of Operation Fresh Pineapple I had come to the realization that it is MUCH Cheaper, Easier and Safer to just get a can or two of Doles fresh canned pineapple when you get the urge to partake of a pineapple fruit.

Slider/Callie update... Slider seems to be Cured of his URI/Cold....Callie has gotten more content/friendly. Slider is still a little standoffish but he's getting friendlyer, affecionate around feeding time....go figure. :) He's slowly coming round.

acerlt 04-19-2011 11:27 PM

Ha HA Ha Ha!!!!! I hope it was a good pineapple! Butch you made me laugh because you almost exactly described my first (and only) experience with a fresh pineapple, last fall. I too looked up instructions on the internet. And after all that work, the pineapple wasn't even ripe and juicy! Mine wasn't free though I think I paid almost $4 for the thing.

I'll stick to Dole pineapple rings from now on!

Thanks for the mini update on Callie and Slider. How about a real thread on them with stories and pictures? I'm not too demanding am I? :D :D

Sunlight 04-20-2011 03:28 PM

Pineapple is good, I love very much. But did you know it is good to eat only if you can not pick up the pineapple holding its leaf? If you hold the leaf and you can pick up the pineapple the fruit is not ready to eat, you have to wait more days. :) This is the key. :D

AK49BWL 04-22-2011 06:56 PM

Hehe, sounds like you had loads of fun :p

I can't eat pineapple.. makes my lips and gums bleed, no matter what. Too acidic I guess.

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