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amberpep 06-11-2013 01:44 PM

~ Question about the ASPCA ~
Hi all .....

I used to be a volunteer with our local Humane Society and when I was, I frequently would pick up on a negative attitude about the SPCA. I never knew why and I never asked.
Now, I am also on a dog forum since I also have a little pooch, and they seem to have the same negative attitude. I will ask them if none of you know, but I thought I'd start here first.

I'd love any input you have. I contribute to both these organizations.


acerlt 06-11-2013 05:34 PM

Local SPCA organizations are not associated with the ASPCA.

The ASPCA is more of a political lobbying group. Your dollars probably go more toward adverting and shock value TV commercials and free fleece blankets to guilt people into donating, than to help any animals.

Donate your time and money to local shelters. :)

amberpep 06-11-2013 10:26 PM

OK then ..... I'll donate to my local SPCA, which is where I was sending it anyhow. I've gotten several kitties there at the shelter. That's really tough .... walking through the area where they have them, I want to take them all home.
Thanks again for telling me what this was all about .....

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