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Unread 05-30-2006   #1 (permalink)
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Default I AM NEW and a little lost ...

I sent this message to myself ! ! Hopefully I'll get used. so that was what I wrote :

Hi, I am new, I am living in Belgium for over 40 years, but I am german. I speak german, english, french and italian. I have 4 cats, 3 girls and a boy. There name are Lisa (15yrs), Pookie (6), Kim (4) and little Arthur (3).
Kim and Pookie are Londoner girls, they belonged to our son who usually lives there, but he gave them in care to us for 3 month because he had to work in Amsterdam. Now almost 4 years later, they are still with us and won't never go back to London. All this little family lives nicely together, little Arthur has a real stoic character, Kim is very shy (even after so long time and all our efforts) Pookie is THE CAT, in all meanings. Lisa sleeps 24 h a day but wakes up and hurries in the kitchen when somebody puts a feed in there, and behaves as if she hadn't eaten for a month. That's her fitness training. Usually she combines that with another business, so that she has not to interrupt her eternal sleep once more. Arthur likes to sleep with the enormous neighbor dog, whoes paws are 10 x bigger (weights 60 kg) only separated by a small fence. When the dog yawns Arthur could put himself inside. It's real cude. On top of that Kim sleeps in his enormous hut and the poor dog sleeps outside. We have a lot of fun with them and I'll write some stories another time.
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Unread 05-30-2006   #2 (permalink)
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They all sound lovely!
Wonderful to have new people and new kittie friends!
You forgot to add their colours!
do you have any pictures of them to share?
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Unread 05-31-2006   #3 (permalink)
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Default My cats

Thanks for your post, so you are from Ireland, it's lovely to talk about our cats in the whole world ! Thanks Internet. The color of my cats are :
Lisa the old lady, she is very small the overlook is brown but she has all colors. My husband (also a cat lover) brought her home the very evening when in the morning my little cat Mitzi had died. That was not very tactfull, but he meant it good. So Lisa arrived, a very small baby, a little lost until she descovered my male cat Max. She immediately cuddeled amongst his paws and against his belly and was happy. Max behaved like a mother (or father) and raised his little girl. Max left us last year after 19 years of happy life together. Pookie's overlook is dark grey with black stripes and spots, the commun little english cat. But she is the most intelligent and cleverest one of all my cats. All cat descriptions, serious, or funny fit on her. Kim is THE beauty. She is tall, completely black (even her nose) and has long hairs (unfortunately !) she is very shy, doesn't play and runs away at the lightes noice. It took us or still takes us a lot of patience to get her confidence. If I wouldn't know where she was born I would say this cat has been badly treated. And at last Arthur. My husband's dream (since his childhood) was to have a white cat. So we picked him up at an animal rescue center as a tiny baby. Now Arthur is a quite big cat, nothing disturbes him. He likes to play with a string and brings it to you so you have to throw it away and then he would bring it again etc etc. He has an awfull voice like a siamese cat and very loud. I think he was abandonned because his siamese mother had an ordinary cat lover and so of no use to make money. He is really cude and has a very social character. That he is living with 3 girls doesn't bother him at all ! I would like to show pictures but I don't know how to do this on this forum. But if you want you can learn more about me and see pictures of my cats then click on Tell me more about you, how many cats do you have ?
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