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Oso 10-18-2008 08:49 PM

Meow from Florida!!!
I'll just start off by saying hello.. I mean "meow" to everybody from Florida. My name is Jessica. Don't know how exactly to start off, but I'll just talk about my cat and kittens. More known as "my babies".

First it started off with one that we named Oso which means "bear" in spanish. We got him because there was a pregnant mother cat around my parents house. A couple of hours after she gave birth to her kittens I had to move them because they were not in a safe place. She let me handle them and pick them up which from what I've read, is very unusual. Well I ended up adopting one of her kittens. My sister adopted the sister. Things were going GREAT! Oso used to love to play around and run back and forth but then he just started being lazy and just sleeping all day. At night he'll wait until we turn off the T.V. and lights and then go and sleep beside me.

This past Tuesday,someone dropped off two baby kittens. The kittens are around 8-9 weeks old. We named the kittens Manchada and Reina. If I remember correctly Manchada means dirty. Because she has this grey patch under her chin like she has paint on her face. Reina means queen. Because she acts like she's miss queen bee. Manchada is more mellow and usually either naps on my lap, on the back of the couch behind our heads or on the top of our pillow above our heads. Reina is not so mellow. She naps either on our chest, on our shoulder or on the pillow between our heads.

I currently only have pictures of Oso on the computer but hopefully soon I'll either be able to find my cable to attach to the computer for my digital camera or get the jump drive for the memory card from my parents house. I will try and make some albums of Oso when he was a baby till now so you can atleast see him. The more recent photos of him and kittens will have to wait till later.

And yes I do have a problem which I will post elsewhere.

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