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Originally Posted by Ceri Cat View Post
Whoever deleted Zippokat thanks, Susan and I are both completely unamused, she went completely nuts when those pictures showed up on the screen. Now I've got to calm her down.

Statistical analysis was one of my favourite topics in high school.
Nah not really, but I was good at it and there's definitely information to be garnered from that sort of detail. Unfortunately the tests are never a big enough cross section to get a definite answer from them. It's like a political popularity poll, they only get 10,000 people to comment, and likely as not they're in a supporters area.
Zippo is back with another name. I hope they track down *its* IP adress and block him. I can't take photos like that. I've never been able to watch animal cruelty "in action". I'm one of those people who'd rather watch people suffer than animals.
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