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Unread 10-22-2012   #11 (permalink)
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I've always had cats, 1.2 & 3 at a time & they have always been declawed..I now have a maine coon, Bailey, who was also declawed when i got her. She is now 9 yrs. My other cats died of old age, but never had any issues. Bailey is my only cat now. She has NO issues..very socialable, loves to ride in the car & loves people. Company is amazed how out going she is. Always out & about among the company. She even get along with Roger when my daughter brings her puggle for a visit,So having a her declawed did not affect how she walks, her temperment or personality.Still a very lovable & enjoyable cat.
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Unread 10-22-2012   #12 (permalink)
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I will bet apples to oranges that acerlt is not a vegan...she eats meat,,,and she has the nerve to cry over a kitten being declawed...what about all the animals that are butchered for her to have a nice big juicy burger or a t-bone steak...what have you to say to that acerlt...and how does she know declawing a cat can cause all kinds of problems for cats...she must be the world authority on cat surgeries...acerlt do not put me in the category that you are in...i am angry because you dont get the whole picture, and you only read and say what you want to read and must have a pretty pathetic life to keep going on and on and on and on and on about the things you state.hate to tell ya acerlt, but everything you stated is absolutely false...yes, the pros and cons of declawing cats and what you say isnt even on one web site out of dozens i have checked what would you say to a family who has a cat or kitten that is not declawed with a special needs child who has to have a animal (being a cat, and the child is a hemophiliac...then what...or little old ladies who are in the same spot...who have cats or kittens..tell the same thing to them about not declawing when all they can have is a cat or kitten and the elderly lady has a cat for companiionship and she happens to get sick from a cat that is not declawed and she ends up how would you feel about that...and dont even say there is no such thing as cat scratch fever...when in fact there is ...cats dont scratch to strecth their limbs or joints they scratch to sharpen their claws and to scent mark their territory...seriously lady you need a reality check and you are the one who needs to educate herself about you dont have to keep saying the same thing over and over again...get a grip and you need to google the pros and cons and then you will be educated just like the rest of us humans on to where you are a space case and you have no clue what you are talking about...just keep on spewing the garbage you are saying when none of it is true or do you have proof from some web site or is that your peta little mind making up things...get a life and quit with the bs that you have no knowledge about...
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