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Talking HOWDY from the Southwest desert!

My name is Emily. My husband Josh and I have 4 cats and 2 puppies right now.


Chi, is a gray tiger with green eyes, she is 13 years old, has a bit of a weight problem, but is more or less unflappable about life. I have had her from a kitten when my mom brought her and 2 other kittens home from a rescue house. She is the only remaining of the original 3, as they were indoor-outdoor cats and stopped coming home. She has a ...ladylike personality, has taken to once a day peeing or pooping somewhere besides the litter box which she uses the rest of the time.

Abby is my husband Josh's eldest cat. She is 8 years old, a solid black with yellow eyes and a runt. She loves to sleep on dark or black things and laptops, rather playful when you get her going. Shy is also a glutton when there is wet food out, as she will eat everyone elses before she goes to her own. My husband found her one winter morning shaking and freezing on a wall by his parents home. She is more or less a happy cat, who when startled cries pitifully and enjoys laser dots.

Costello is also my husbands cat. He is a 6 year old orange tiger, with kind of a bad attitude. He was found in a trash can at my husbands work, and Josh took him home. He is a quiet animal who likes to be by himself, or just within eyesight of humans, Doesn't like to be touched and freaks out a little if you touch his hind end which makes us think he got hurt there at some point. He also cries when he hears the wet cat food can open. He will only cuddle if he thinks you are asleep.

Sarah Jane (full name: Gypsy Fearless Spicy Tuna Roll Martha Jones Sarah Jane Smith [we are Doctor Who fans]). She is our cat and about 6 months old. She was also at my husbands work and he asked if he could bring her home I said yes. She was this 3 lbs mangy looking skeleton full of ear mites. Missing fur, scars, cuts, bones showing, she was a pure mess. Now a month and a half later, she is healthy, fur growing back, just got her fixed and she likes to cuddle. She is also stone deaf and fairly stupid. Adorable but stupid. We have no idea what she is, she looks like a mix of a Cornish Rex and something else. She doesn't back down from any one or anything, so we have to keep her inside, cars and wild animals are not going to be her friends.

A week ago my husband and I rescued two 7 week old blue heeler/border collie puppies (male is Blue, my husbands dog; female is Kaylee, my dog [we are also Firefly fans]) Sweet pups who we are house breaking and getting to know.

All of our pets are rescued animals and with exception of the puppies (who will be once they are old enough) are fixed.

Chi regurds the dogs as other things she can ignore.

Abby and Costello haven't made up their minds yet.

Sarah Jane wont back down and in fact has no-claw popped them a few times for getting to close.

The puppies seem to think the cats are funny looking ones of them at the moment, since the pups are smaller than the cats for now.

Its a full house of furry pets, and my husband and I are planning on trying for children in a few months.

It keeps us busy and we are well loved by our furry kids.

Great to be here and meet you!
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