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agreeneyedwolf 03-12-2016 12:21 PM

Hello from Florida
Hello - I'm new to the forum (but not to cats!)

I'm 43 years old, I have 2 kids, 5 grand kids and 8 fur kids (2 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 sugar gliders).

I am a former Sugar Glider, AKC Labrador and CKC Chihuahua breeder. I have had all of my fur babies since the age of 8 or 10 weeks (with the exception of one of my sugar gliders who was conceived and born here in my home).

Education wise, I have an AA, 6 computer related college certifications and an AS in Network Administration. I also trained to be a Medical Assistant before getting my dual degrees.

I'm originally from Michigan but kind of lived everywhere because I grew up an Air Force brat and developed a love of traveling so I have moved a LOT in my life. Originally came to Florida in 1982, and despite moving a plethora of times, I always seemed to end up back in Florida somewhere so eventually I settled down, got married to my current spouse of 10 years, and bought a house here.

Let me introduce you to my fur family...

Claude is our Labrador Retriever (he is a Dudley yellow, American Field Type) - he will be 10 this year and is the old man of the house (who still acts like a puppy half the time, lol)

Pixie is our long haired Chihuahua (despite being papered CKC, I swear she looks like she has some Papillon in the wood pile somewhere if you get my drift LOL) - she's going to be 6 this year and thinks she is a doberman despite only weighing 5 pounds lol

Last dog but not least, is Poppy. Poppy is not our dog... he is a Papillon/Maltese mix who belongs to my 84 year old mother. Poppy has been with us since December 19th, 2015 when my mother fell and broke her hip. We don't know how long he will be here - a lot depends on mom's progress. He is 13 years old, but still gets puppified from time to time and you'd never know he was that old lol.

Scout and his daughter, Soluna, are my black beauty sugar gliders. Scout is 7 this year and Soluna is 5.

Midnight is my long haired black and Nala is my short haired calico. They are both 6 this year. They came to us about a month apart as strays when they were tiny kittens.

Severe is a mid-haired gray and with some white... he came to us at 9 weeks old in 2012 from a friend - he is a manx mix

Stache - our son dragged her home last October after finding her in the road. We think she is about 8 months old now. She is a dilute tortoiseshell.

That is pretty much it for me.. Just wanted to be sure and introduce myself before I posted anywhere else. I wish I could have included photos - I guess I can always come back and add photos int he comments if I ever get up to 25 posts lol

mic.alan 05-19-2016 01:51 PM

Hello! :D

rulesofbio 05-23-2016 01:44 PM


It seems like you have an awesome family! :D thanks for sharing

alexder 06-07-2016 03:48 AM

Hi,nice to meet you.

ThomasHernandez 06-08-2016 02:10 AM

Welcome @agreeneyedwolf

marsbengal 03-12-2017 02:04 PM

I'm looking forward to your photos8)8)

LucyJones 08-17-2017 10:26 AM

Welcome To the group!!

joh78 12-06-2017 04:15 AM

Welcome and nice to see you here.

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