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Unread 11-11-2016   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hello, friends with cat owners


My name is RiotGirl, and joined the forum for advice and info that some of us humans need while being owned by or loving cats. See I was completely done with cats. After Bosco died I just didn't want to live again. 😞 He was the coolest cat. He was a stray that picked our house to move into and never went outdoors again. We thought maybe he had a difficult time outdoors because he couldn't meow, he said "AK Ak" instead. 18 years of love and he was on his last legs. He was an adult when he adopted us. Ive owned other cats as well. But he was definitely special and my first cat when I lived on my own.

When i met the love of my life he came with a cat, witch was strange as he doesnt seem like a cat lover. Her name is Gwang. Sounds like Dwayne but with G instead of a D. She is a funny cat. Very awkward for a cat. I've never met a cat even remotely similar to her. She doesn't have common cat traits. First she is a Scarry cat. She runs for the smallest of sudden sounds. I attribute this to high heels on hardwood floor when she was a kitten. My b-friends ex was hevy footed and cat careless. When I first started coming around, when Gwang wasnt hiding (cuz i was a stranger) more specifically when she forgot i was there she would lay in the middle of the living room. The second I'd get up she'd run, but she did that when my old man got up too. So she was worried about being stepped on. It took her a month of me blowing on her face when she got pat's and scratches from her dad before she allowed me to pat her. Usually when I greet a cat, if I simply bow my head and look downward as I'm kneeling it's a sign of submission and cats are cool with me, not Gwang. It took a month. Than one day after I stayed the night, her dad went out to the store. Barefoot I got up and Gwang was in the middle of the walkway, thinking nothing of it I went to step around her, but she wasn't aware I was up. She's used to heavy walkers, so when I sidestepped she at first startled was going to spring up and run. I was in the path directly in front of her so she was halfway in spring and scurry, when I sidestepped around her. I'll never forget that day. Our eyes were locked, she was terrified, and than, she had an ah ha moment. Or an holly $hi7 moment. She realized I was aware of her and wouldnt step on her. And she took full advange. Something her dad wasn't use to and would get upset she stopped running out the way. But he won't step on her, so when she stayed in place and he sidestepped she won. We only had to deal with a week of "stupid cat move". At which point id remind him "she's a cat, she doesn't move for you, you move for her". So now Gwang was more comfortable with me, and I loved not having to train her to stay off counters. But my work was cut out for me. I realized my old man knew nothing about cats, like zero. But Gwang was a mouser and I like that! So my next ordeal had to do with the fat tailed Gecko that lived with them. In terms of letting the Gecko out of her cage without Gwang eating her. Lol. Dad wasn't ready to believe that was possible. Lol. But that's a story for another day.

I was going to add a pic, but I'm having trouble with that. After I figure it out I'll post again.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, RiotGirl. I'm also new here.
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I'm looking forward to your photos
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