Cat Behavior

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  1. Lost & Found Your Cat
  2. Please help me
  3. My cat has a fetish I think
  4. Just Adopted a Cat... Worried about Behavior.
  5. Severe aggression towards teen daughter in 2 yr old neutered male cat
  6. Just Brought A New Kitty Home And They Are Not Getting Along!
  7. Baby on the way
  8. Please Help, My Boyfriend's Cat Pees Everywhere When I Visit
  9. I s she being mean or playing/
  10. She won't pee in litter box
  12. Help needed- severe behavior problems
  13. Loving kitty is now scared of everyone in the house.
  14. Help! 2 females used to love each other!
  15. Introducing Cats
  16. Anti-Social Tortie Wants to Live in the Bathroom
  17. Kittens Died - Momma Won't Stop Meowing
  18. After cat sitting, 2 of our 4 cats fighting really bad, what to do?
  19. Request Help & Advice my cat urinating on MY bed
  20. My cat is very moody
  21. Kitten dry humping my hand?
  22. constant whining
  23. Severe History of Aggression
  24. One cat went to the vet and now other cat doesn't recognize him... help?
  25. deciphering cat problems
  26. Mess in Spare bedroom
  27. Bully Cat
  28. Old geezer female cat suddenly acting ornery/wants to spray everywhere?
  29. Need Serious Help For my cat please!
  30. Cat spraying on me. help
  31. sick kitty?
  32. Sad, Depressed and Sulked
  33. Cat hates new kitten
  34. Slider's makin a Food Mess
  35. playing rough
  36. jealousy
  37. The attack of the cat!
  38. New Kitty
  39. retraining cat to use litter tray
  40. Cats biting each other
  41. Nipping it in the bud
  42. Clover is biting and tipping over her waterbowl
  43. We lost our cat... ):
  44. rocka by kitty
  45. My cat behaviour of hiding clothes
  46. is it normal for a cat to snort?
  47. he sleeps out in the open in the day .. but
  48. Cats have gone from friends to enemies
  49. about cats training
  50. 2 of my cats ganging up on my 3rd cat
  51. Cat is gacking but no hairball yet?
  52. Munchkin Cat Questions
  53. Kitten and Puppy... long post
  54. Mystery plants and taking precautions with proofing
  55. Hi I am new here
  56. Need Help With Territorial Cat
  57. Bonding
  58. study of the feline behaviour
  59. Lost my cat, dunno what to do
  60. A Friend for my Cat
  61. Cat cannot seem to make up her mind!!!
  62. Cat only eat wet and expensive food
  63. Hello, and advice on readapting
  64. hygiene / grooming
  65. Cat Drama
  66. Not another urinating thread...
  67. changed towards family
  68. How to adapt a 15 year old cat to a new cat
  69. stages: loving, aggressive, outside?
  70. behavior change?

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