Cat Behavior

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  1. Cat defecating
  2. New cat vs old cat
  3. Poopy Problems
  4. A wallpaper fetish????
  5. Why does my cat keep attacking me???
  6. kitty got lost now shes hissing
  7. depressed going to have a nervous breakdown
  8. Hissing and spitting at each other!
  9. 3yrs. old turtle shell urinating... well everywhere
  10. My cay attacked me a drew blood???
  11. Radical personality change
  12. Cat on a leash
  13. My constantly worried cat.
  14. Need help with an... "Excited"... Cat
  15. Need Help, New Kitten !
  16. Best way to bond 2 male cats.....
  17. Found a solution for my howling cat!
  18. ruby has a bad habit
  19. Will he come back?
  20. Cat Pee Problems
  21. kitty sucking on my clothes
  22. Claw clipping and social issues.
  23. Making a female fit with two males..
  24. Older (mother) cat has been hissing, biting for three months...
  25. Why is my kitten spazzing out?
  26. How do you keep a territorial female cat from urinating on the furniture?
  27. 1 year old poops and pees outside litter box
  28. Kitty has Co-Dependency issues
  29. unusual behavior???
  30. Cat is mean to my kitten
  31. Wee Problem
  32. kitten is driving me insane again
  33. Kitty Depression???
  34. cat in the bathtub
  35. Can a cat ever get used to another?
  36. Our Cat Hissed at Guests for the first time Ever!
  37. Help! Cat killed her first mouse and is now very aggressive to my other cat!
  38. New Kitten Is Really Clingy!
  39. Older male Cat / New Female kitten problem
  40. I thought my cat was spade, now I'm not sure...
  41. Peeing kitty problem
  42. kitten is becoming more demanding and other things
  43. My 3 cats geese
  44. Kitten sleeping on us at night.
  45. Unwanted Behaviors in Cat
  46. Advice for growling, hissing, swatting.
  47. 5 month old kitten has pretty severe food aggression?
  48. kitty meowing only when I am not home
  49. My Kitts are being strange
  50. my cat grabbed my face for no apparent reason??
  51. what to do after a cat dies/has sister
  52. Biting cords
  53. Cat "whip" - BAD KITTY!
  54. hello and help?
  55. My cat has gone from a sweetheart to a mean spirit. Help!
  56. My cat attitude has changed.
  57. We took in a stray -- huge concerns
  58. Does your cat go crazy when you do this?
  59. Pooping outside the litter box -- oh lord!
  60. Cat seeing dead people?
  61. My Cat
  62. cat bit me more than twice
  63. Hanging out in the litter box
  64. Has anyone tried Scccat?
  65. Kitten-Kitten Intro - Dominance vs. Aggression?
  66. Cat Arguments?
  67. Emotional butt scooting???
  68. Trouble maker cat driving me nuts!
  69. How to make your cat response to you?
  70. Chirpling? 3rd-Degree Purrns? What is it?

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