Cat Behavior

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  1. Cat Behavior - why aren't my boys mutually grooming each other or sleeping together a
  2. Advice for a new cat owner
  3. One Cat Is Fat, And The Other Is Skinny, Can't Find A Solution!
  4. Wondering what could be wrong?
  5. Need Home Remedies for Cats with Ear Mites ?
  6. Help with my kittens anxiety
  7. Hi need help with new kitten
  8. Please help! My two cats won't get along!
  9. Hi - new kitten
  10. New cat is acting distant. Why?
  11. New cat adopted into home, Magic
  12. Strange behavior
  13. I want my old cat back.
  14. Is my cat unusual?
  15. Cat-on-cat aggression
  16. How Suzu became playful again
  17. 13 Week old kitten still hissing and hiding
  18. Hello everyone! New here, and in desperate need of advice.. HELP!
  19. My cat's wild behavior.
  20. Strange behaviour
  21. Orphan kitten -- help! I don't know what I am doing!
  22. My cat loves olive wood
  23. Breaking Mini Blinds
  24. Components That Will Make Care For Your Cat Easier
  25. Cat Safety Tips-How to Get Your Home Prepared for Kittens
  26. Keeping us up at night. HELP!
  27. Peeing in the Transportbox
  28. Cute Cat pictures- How to Take Best Pictures of Your Cat
  29. Guidelines to Relieve Bad Behaviour
  30. Tail Biting, Tail Discomfort, NEED ADVICE!
  31. Added a new cat to household, can't tell if he's aggressive or playful
  32. Obedience Training
  33. urinating outside of box
  34. Why do my cats fight each other when another cat is at the window?
  35. Hyperesthesia, Anxiety, Other OCD - Please, PLEASE Help!!
  36. Why is my cat randomly hissing at me?
  37. Introducing 2 female cats
  38. Kitty poops every time he rides in car
  39. My kitty doesn't love me?
  40. Bentley Not Using the Litter Box all of a sudden
  41. Playing - Is she telling me no?
  42. Acting Out After Being Gone...
  43. Hello
  44. New Persian, VERY BAD BEHAVIOR
  45. Kneading
  46. Aggressive Behavior with Mother Cat and Her Two (unspayed) and Grown Female Offspring
  47. Lost & Found Your Cat
  48. Please help me
  49. My cat has a fetish I think
  50. Just Adopted a Cat... Worried about Behavior.
  51. Severe aggression towards teen daughter in 2 yr old neutered male cat
  52. Just Brought A New Kitty Home And They Are Not Getting Along!
  53. Baby on the way
  54. Please Help, My Boyfriend's Cat Pees Everywhere When I Visit
  55. I s she being mean or playing/
  56. She won't pee in litter box
  58. Help needed- severe behavior problems
  59. Loving kitty is now scared of everyone in the house.
  60. Help! 2 females used to love each other!
  61. Introducing Cats
  62. Anti-Social Tortie Wants to Live in the Bathroom
  63. Kittens Died - Momma Won't Stop Meowing
  64. After cat sitting, 2 of our 4 cats fighting really bad, what to do?
  65. Request Help & Advice my cat urinating on MY bed
  66. My cat is very moody
  67. Kitten dry humping my hand?
  68. constant whining
  69. Severe History of Aggression
  70. One cat went to the vet and now other cat doesn't recognize him... help?

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