Cat Advice

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  1. My 6-year-old female domestic short hair, an indoor cat that is not fixed, has begun.
  2. Any advice on how to. or what to, use to keep...
  3. Advice/known treatments for cat ringworm?
  4. Who knows of a good vet for cats in the Beaver,
  5. Driving for 8 hours per day with our cat-
  6. Save our cat with your sage advice!?
  7. I have heard that geckos are poisonous and that cats should not eat them. There are..
  8. We have just installed two carbon monoxide detectors just above floor level in our ho
  9. Is cranberry juice harmful to a cat in any way? We have been giving our male cat...
  10. I recently took my kitten to the vet, she's breathing very rapidly and very dehydrate
  11. How dangerous is tobacco to my adult cat - a small amount? He is obsessed by it and.
  12. My cat does not eat the way he used to. Ever since my wife went back to work he just
  13. I have an adult cat that is fixed, we recently got a kitten and plan on having him fi
  14. We are thinking about doing foster care for kittens at the humane society. We already
  15. I don't know if this emotional or physical. I have a 2-1/2 year old calico that has l
  16. I took my cat to a town that was 80 miles away from home, unfortunately the cat got l
  17. I regularly brush my cat and dog's teeth to prevent plaque buildup. I've been doing i
  18. My 3-year-old cat is the most loving, affectionate cat I've ever MY house. W
  19. My 4-year-old male Siamese has been diagnosed with chylothorax and has been drained 3
  20. My cat, Layla, is a year and a half old, and has been with me since she was four mont
  21. I have 2 tabby cats 6 years and 2 years old. They eat all day but don't gain weight.
  22. I volunteer part time in a dog pound, a very poor dog pound, and just found out today
  23. My baby, Penelope, has arthritis and is supposed to take Cosequin in powder form. She
  24. I adopted 2 littermate kittens (Sasha and Brady) several months ago. Sasha passed awa
  25. My 16-year-old girl Midnight, seems to get agitated when you stroke her back towards
  26. My two-year-old cat's eyes shift when he focuses on something. He sees fine, and he i
  27. I wanted to know if cats can get brain tumor. If they can do they attack people.
  28. My 6 month-old Persian kitten has small pimples all over its body some are hidden und
  29. What is cat dander?
  30. I believe I read or heard of an alternative to neutering male cats. A shot or a pill?
  31. My cat is very ill with Heinz-body anemia--and so far my vet hasn't been able to find
  32. What's the best way to clean cat toys after a flood? Our apartment flooded a week bef
  33. I was wondering, is it possible for cats to get catch cancer from other cats in any w
  34. When going to the bathroom toilet to do my thing, my cat backs up to the toilet and..
  35. Is 13 years of age considered to be too young to die? Would being away from your cat
  36. This question relates to a kitten I want to adopt; she is neuro, what is that?
  37. Why is it that when I pet Sammy rather roughly on the top of his head he sometimes...
  38. How important is it for a cat to have a straight toe? Our active cat has broken a bac
  39. My female cat has several inverted nipples. One now is infected. I've been treating i
  40. I have six cats of varying ages. Within last four months all six have contracted what
  41. Kitten has some "Maine Coon" genetic background. It has licked itself for five months
  42. My cat Pretty has been eating a special veterinarian diet for one and a half years. H
  43. I need help; my 12 year old cat has become extremely skinny. She has been to the vet.
  44. My cat has developed a skin irritation above his eye where fur was lost and on his ea
  45. My cat drools when I'm petting him - is that normal or is there something wrong with
  46. I have noticed lately when my kitten is eating or yawning he seems to make like a...
  47. Our cat will be at the veterinarians 10-12 days for treatment for a urinary tract...
  48. Recently, we took my ten-week-old tabby in for her first vet visit. The vet found her
  49. I work in a fine dining restaurant as a chef and often bring home, fresh salmon, tuna
  50. I have two 10 year old female cats. I would like to get them spayed but I am afraid o
  51. I have owned my cat Abbie for five years. I adopted her from an animal shelter as an.
  52. Last year I bought two Snowshoe kittens (sisters). Now after a year Sushi loves to...
  53. My 14-month-old cat Blu growls and smacks, and hisses at me when I pick him up, but w
  54. Our 5-year-old Persian male Sebastian has a tendency to urinate and defecate outside
  55. I own a five-year-old male cat Stormy. I also have two other male cats and they get a
  56. One of my outside cats just got diagnosed with Feline Calicivirus. I told the vet I h
  57. We have 2 Siamese cats. Our Kismet (3 years old) had a previous period of...
  58. I adopted my kitten at 10 weeks old and she was already fixed, but she still had a li
  59. I have 2 cats (15 months). I was wondering if they can catch human illnesses (like th
  60. I will try to keep this as short as possible. I would love some suggestions....
  61. My 10-11 year old cat Becca has been struggling with terrible allergies for three yea
  62. I have 7 cats ranging in age from 1 to 11 years. None of them have any current health
  63. A friend gave me a cat that liked to sit in her lap and have her fur brushed. She wil
  64. I am moving to the United Kingdom, and I have three cats. Two of them are sisters and
  65. I have two cats, Tiger and Serbastion, sixteen-month-old brothers that I got from the
  66. My six-year-old daughter and I adopted a four-year-old female domestic short hair cat
  67. How can I tell/show my cat I love him?
  68. We got our kitten when she was about 6 weeks old. She was very shy and skitzy. After
  69. The kitten has deformed paws. She only has the center pad and two toes. Is that going
  70. I found Kozmo at the edge of my driveway when she was like 2 days old and someone had

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