The Elevator Cat Gym – 86 Inches

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The Elevator Cat Gym – 86 Inches

The elevator is an unbelievable 86 inches tall! Be sure your ceilings are high enough to accomodate it!The 24″x24″ base takes up only four square feet of floor space.

The full round beds have a 15 inside diameter with a 2 inside rim height. (please note four step beds are half size)Staggered tiers and platforms allow for easy climbing. Plenty of room for your whole family of cats!The finest materials available are used to make this the safest possible haven for your kitty. Made with 4″ solid untreated heart of pine core posts. The 6″ zinc lag bolts provide secure anchoring. The carpet strands are no longer than 6″. This is all designed with the well-being of your kitty in mind. No glue or harmful chemicals used on this tree.

To speed up the process of building your unit, please select a first and second choice for carpet colors. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose.

If you want a SOLID COLOR unit, please choose the same color for all selections!

You may also choose whether you would like the complimentary 2′ of sisal rope wound around one of the poles on your unit.

Ships fully assembled!

Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 – 14 business days.

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